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Mountain Bike Tour


“Grab the chance to feel like one of the Dutch Toppers, on the Twentse soil for just a moment”!

Muddy, forest, single track, maneuvering, braking, climbing, descending, interval, fun, jumps, chaotic, amazing. These are some words you hear during the mountain bike tour that we organize in the Twene region.

Twente is one of the largest mountain bike networks of The Netherlands with more than 700 kilometers of mountain bike trails  The hills at the Holterberg, Tankenberg,paasberg and Kuiperberg also make it really challenging, especially if you also cross the border towards Bad Bentheim or Eulsen. But don’t forget to enjoy yourself! Although it is sometimes hard, the mountain bike tours of Rv Sprotreizen will lead you along all the natural beauty that Twente has to offer! You come to places which you can never reach by car.

For the fact that there is a total of 700 kilometers, there is always a route which suits your level. Whether it is a 15 kilometer tour around the church or a serious 80 kilometer trip in preparation for the new sports season; Twente has it all.

The Netherlands is known for its cycling and with that they are obviously also the first place ranked cycling country! And nowadays it is only in traffic. Our cyclists have also been international to athletes in recent years as a sport. The most famous of course is Tom Dumoulin. His win in the Giro 2017 and the great performances in the Tour de France keep many Dutch people glued to the T.V during these important rides. Of Course we can not forget our ladies on the road! During the European Championship in the autumn of 2018, the stage was completely Dutch; 1. Annemarie Worst, 2. Marianne Vos and 3. Denise Betsema. Among the men, our own Mathieu van der Poel was the strongest.

Imagine yourself  being one of these great cyclists for one day. Book a mountain bike tour via RV Sportreizen in Twente. No mountain bike at your disposal? No problem! We will arrange this for you!

The mountain bike tour is €8,50 per person. The tour can be booked for the weekends between 11:00 am and 19:00, however it is always in coordination with our other activities. Weekdays or different times are available on request. You can easily reserve the mountain biking tour through the request button in the top right corner.

Depending on the level and the distance of the route we usually work in groups of +/- 12 people. In this way we can determine the level and safety. You can book the mountain bike tour for €8,50 per person. You have a tour time of +/- 2 hours with a distance between 25 and 40 kilometers.

We also have the option to offer you a clinic, with or without a (former) professional cyclist. The clinic will consist of a beautiful cycling tour, you will also learn the intricacies of the mountain bike profession, agility, steering, correct posture, taking obstacles, jumping,descending and of course safety!

Feel free to ask us without obligation about the possibilities and the costs.

The challenge of this beautiful trip is ofcourse fantastic, but we must also not forget the enjoyment and the rewards. Of Course we can also respond to this. Whether it is a coffee with a rewarding piece of cake on the way or an extensive lunch upon your return, we are happy to take care of it.